Susan Hammond - artist and sculptor



I am an artist and sculptor based in England specialising mainly in animal themed works. Having worked in both wildlife and domestic animal rescue fields I have gained a knowledge of both the physical and spiritual nature of a wide range of species. My home is always shared with a variety of rescued animals who inspire me in my work and often make good critics!

I am mostly self taught and like to work in acrylic and watercolour. My sculptures are often described as paper mache/mixed media as they are made from a unique paper-based clay that dries to a hard and durable finish that can then be painted and varnished. The sculptures are very time consuming, consisting of an armature, a paper covering, followed by layers of clay and paint. I love to see the character of each animal coming to life throughout the process as each one has its own personality, just like their real life models.

I specialise in painting pigeons, both feral and domestic breeds. Pigeons are either loved or hated and I adore them. They are misunderstood and their beauty is often overlooked which is why I aim to show their true colours - literally! If you have a pigeon and would like a painting please get in touch.

Sculptures can be bought or commissions taken through my shop

Facebook page Albertinebelle designs by Susan Hammond

Alternatively, please get in touch through the contact page on this site.

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